Gianni Moramarco

That of the Turin artist Gianni Moramarco can be defined as an exemplary case: he dedicated himself to the world of art considering it as a continuously evolving experience, a never static path of conflictual improvement.
Born in 1957, Moramarco arrives at the gestation of his creations passing through professional stages in the technical field: graduated as a surveyor, he continues his studies at the University, preferring architectural studies but continuing, however, to indulge his precocious interest in drawing and painting born in adolescent phase.
At twenty years old he was already known to the public for his creativity and, subsequently, he exhibited at both national and international exhibitions: in Ferrara in 2015, in Taormina at Villa Hauser, on the occasion of Greta Garbo's centenary, inaugurating the concept of completely innovative "art" to wear "with clothes-paintings that can be superimposed on the body but also applied to the framed nail.
In 2019 "La Stampa" of Turin dedicated an interesting article to Gianni Moramarco: in this way his hometown finally sees the rising star of a new way of understanding painting.
The artist today appears to be fully immersed in the life of his time, in the cultural and social existence devoted to the technological world.
Persuasive, proud and imaginative.