Sara Arnaout

Sara Arnaout's artistic production refers to a pop aesthetic in the use of famous or standardized images and in their reworking in a pictorial sense. His art has a very strong POP imprint which consists, precisely, in the use of the massified image. In particular, the artist is fascinated by 1950s American stardom. The way in which he reworks the images also reveals a considerable interest in Schifano and the school of Piazza del Popolo, but in a very personal declination. In fact, for Sara Arnaout the graphic image always remains fundamental and protagonist of the work. Schifano pictorialism is present to recontextualize the image, but it does so in a more calligraphic and minimal way with a discreet dripping. Another influence is certainly that of Rotella, in the use of the decollage technique between the superimposed and torn images.
Sara Arnaout was born in Turin but lived her childhood in Amman, Jordan, her father's country of origin. At the age of thirteen he moved to the United States, where he graduated from the Red Bank Middle School and immediately distinguished himself in the artistic field by winning several Art Awards.